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Linux support for network switch chips has been difficult for router systems.

Routers would like to present the switch interfaces as standard linux network interfaces, but the model doesn't quite fit. Linux models a MAC and Phy as an interface. Switches generally have a mix of MACs and Phys.

Connecting Things

As the Internet of Things and Wearables will become more and more mainstream, we will see an increase in demand to connect things. We can already hook up our fridge to Twitter via IFTT and it will become even more mainstream in the future.

A new direction for Qualcomm Atheros WiFi SoCs.

Qualcomm bought Atheros, which had a large share of the WiFi chip market. Atheros SoCs are used in some of the most popular WiFi routers.

The Atheros main processor had been MIPS architecture, but Qualcomm relies on ARM for it's chips.

One of the tools we could not live without is the Atlassian suite of tools. It was 2005 when we first started using Confluence as a Wiki and tool to generate technical documentation. JIRA quickly replaced our existing bug tracking tools as our team grew.

Looking at the Lantiq xDSL source code in Openwrt/LEDE we can see the underlying hardware architecture. There are three different processors involved.

The first in the main SoC cpu, generally a MIPS core. This has the main linux system running with drivers for the xDSL modem and datapath.